About Turkey Leg Jeff

Hi! I’m Turkey Leg Jeff and this is my website.

I decided to create this site so that I would have a place to put all my silly stories and whimsies. I enjoy thinking of strange people doing strange things in strange places. I find myself often giving animals that I encounter names, back stories, personalities, and motives. I sometimes do this with people too.

Taking these characters and finding ways for them to interact with each other and myself is a lot of fun— it’s a delightful mishmash of my real life and experiences I’ve only ever dreamed of. The resulting stories tend to be whimsical, non sequitur, bizarre, funny, and fantastical.

As you’ll see, I’m a big fan of Disney Parks, baseball, and Broadway shows. You’ll likely see these things woven into my stories, or as stand-alone posts.

I hope you enjoy them.


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