This is Jork

JorkThis is Jork.

I’m not sure yet if he is good or evil. I think he wears that helmet to help him breathe, because he’s clearly an alien. I mean, look at that green skin. Still, a superhero/villain that can be defeated just by taking off his helmet is so… lame. He might as well be Lex Luthor at that point.

Based on the power around his hand, I’m thinking he’s got some ability to create kinetic power that blasts out from his hands.

He may not be a superhero or villain at all. Maybe he’s just some intergalactic go-go dancer. Or maybe he’s just a pawn in Viola Davis’s long con to rob the British Museum. Who knows for sure?

This is what I know: I created Jork today. I’m not sure what kind of adventures he’ll get into, but I’m excited to find out.