Disney March Maleness: Greek Gods & Dapper Dans Round 2 Preview

After 2 long and hard days, 8 men pounded their way past the competition to get to 2nd base in Disney March Maleness. I was a surprised and humbled at how enthusiastically people have embraced this competition—we have had nearly 2000 votes cast, and the hashtag #DisneyMarchMaleness has been trending in the Orlando metro area! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Beginning Monday, 3/23, you’ll be able to cast votes in the matches below. To vote, simply @ mention the man who sets your heart aflutter with the hashtag. E.g. if you want to vote for Rob Yeo, just tweet “I vote for @robjyeo in #DisneyMarchMaleness!” It’s that easy.

Remember that our guys are playing for great causes, so be sure to read up and vote for the guy with the most compelling cause. Now, on to the round 2 matches.

Rob Yeo vs. Steve Reid

Rob Yeo vs. Steve Reid

These two boys utterly demolished their first round competition. Steve didn’t have to do too much to beat the buff beauty of the Disneyland Hercules, while Rob did a bit more campaigning. Can Rob keep those gym selfies coming quickly enough to compete with Steve’s laid back coolness? I certainly hope so! In the second round, things will surely heat up as quickly as our day dreams about these two heartthrobs!

Disney Hipster Keith vs. Lorenzo Tremaine

Disney Hipster Keith vs. Lorenzo Tremaine

These two guys were barely able to squeeze through to the second round, but don’t be fooled by that! Keith and Lorenzo each received more votes than Rob and Steve combined, making whoever wins this match the favorite to take the Greek Gods section of the bracket. They started engaging in a little trash talking on Twitter, but it’s a waste—the only words we want to hear from these two are the sweet nothings they whisper in our ear.

At Disney Again vs. Ricky Stump

AtDisneyAgain vs. Ricky Stump

In the most stunning upset of the first round, the mystery man himself, AtDisneyAgain, defeated the hunky, dimpled co-host of WEDWay Radio Nate Parrish. What’s more impressive is that he did it without revealing a photo of himself. This proved that Disney March Maleness is a lot like the lottery: you can’t win if you don’t play. Ricky Stump learned this lesson too, as he and his wife, Meg, drummed up support for Stump culture and Stump lifestyle. Their fast and furious campaign took down one well-known Disney fan photographer. Can they do it again? We’ll see!

Tim Tracker vs. Matt Hochberg

Tim Tracker vs. Matt Hochberg

Two juggernauts of the Disney fan community square off in this 2nd round match. Tim’s legion of fans came out in droves to heap their affections on him. But that happened after some rigorous campaigning. Matt, however, handily disposed of his first round opponent without any campaigning at all. Not too surprising—he always promises that if we give him five minutes he’ll give us the world, and I think some people want to hold him to his word. Perhaps we can convince Matt to put a little muscle behind his campaign? If so, the Tim Tracker titanic could be stopped in its track(er)s. Either of these two swoonboats could melt my iceberg any time. Good luck to both!


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