Disney March Maleness: Lost Boys & Beast Round 2 Preview

It was Saturday night and Brandon and Trig had me worn out. They just kept pounding me with more Disney March Maleness votes. The day climaxed with both guys advancing to the 2nd round of Disney March Maleness. Along with Dan (@NJ_Tree) and Drunk At Disney, the Lost Boys got #DisneyMarchMaleness trending in Orlando. I am surprised and humbled at how enthusiastically people have embraced this competition—over 3000 votes have been cast!

Beginning Tuesday, 3/24, you’ll be able to cast votes in the matches below. To vote, simply @ mention the man who sets your heart aflutter with the hashtag. E.g. if you want to vote for Drunk At Disney, just tweet “I vote for @DrunkAtDisney in #DisneyMarchMaleness!” It’s that easy.

Remember that our guys are playing for great causes, so be sure to read up and vote for the guy with the most compelling cause. Now, on to the round 2 matches.

Brandon Glover vs. Triggernel

Brandon Glover vs. Triggernel

Can the sexy smoke monster be evaporated by the Scandinavian sex god? It’s the burning question of the Disney March Maleness tournament. Fun fact: these two guys got the same number of votes in the first round, and from a lot of the same people. Now all of central Florida will have to ask themselves which of these Superfriends to support. On the one hand, you have the cool confidence of Brandon—a man so confident that he posts pictures of himself eating barbecue. On the other, you have the brash Trig—full of youthful vigor and more than a few shenanigans to get him votes (see his American flag underwear pic for details.) This one is within the margin of error, and I’m happy to cuddle up with either of these two in that tight space.

NJ_Tree vs. Drunk At Disney

Dan NJ_Tree vs. Drunk At Disney

These two guys campaigned better than Obama in their first round matches and it paid off for both. Drunkie easily topped Jim Hill and slid into the next round. Dan, on the other hand, unleashed a charm offensive unmatched by anyone else in the competition. With less than 100 Twitter followers, the tree from New Jersey racked up the 2nd most votes of the day. While I would still call a victory of Drunk At Disney an upset, I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility. However, as you can see from the pic above, nobody can slam back a plate of ribs like Drunkie, and what could be sexier than that?

Turkey Leg Jeff vs. Kevin Quigley

Turkey Leg Jeff vs. Kevin Quigley

I was shocked that I cruised into the 2nd round. Not because I’m not the epitome of Disney Maleness, but because my competition was the fabulous Guy Selga, whose fans are numerous. Now I’ve got a big head and am ready to take down Kevin on my road to being crowned Prince Charming of the Disney Twitter Community. Sadly, though, my big head has to take on the big muscles and darling dimples of Kevin Quigley. How do you compete with Kevin and his legion of adoring bears? Be certain that I’ll be pulling out all the stops. Could that mean you’ll see a video of me eating a turkey leg for your pleasure? Maybe.

Schmoofy vs. Kyle G.

Schmoofy vs. Kyle G.

Well, well, well. If Kevin Millar were here, he’d call these two gentlemen sneaky hot. Both of them took down sexy studs. Both of them took down guys with more Twitter followers than them. Both of them took down guys with hunky bodies and swoony smiles. How did they do it? Charm, charm, and more charm. Now they face off against each other and let this be a warning to both—you’ll need to step up your game to advance. You’re both one step closer to securing a donation for your cause and being crowned the champion of Disney March Maleness. It’s time to bring the erotic thunder, boys. Good luck!


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