Disney March Maleness: The Finals

It’s here. The final match of Disney March Maleness. The votes have been cast and tallied. I am pleased to announce that the two finalists for the Disney March Maleness crown are…

Tim Tracker vs Drunk At Disney

Tim Tracker & Drunk At Disney

Now before you go vote, I want to tell you about our final surprise. We will be adding some excitement for the championship match.

Here’s the deal:

  • The Disney March Maleness finals will take place from 12:01 AM (ET) Friday, March 27 – 11:59 PM (ET) Saturday, March 28. That means you have 2 days to vote instead of the usual 1 day.
  • Each dollar that you pledge to donate to Give Kids the World Village (@GKTWVillage) will count as a vote for Tim Tracker
  • Each dollar that you pledge to donate to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (@mssociety) will count as a vote for Drunk At Disney
  • Of course you do not have to donate! You can continue to vote in the manner we have been leading up to the finals and that will count as one vote for your guy!
  • I will tally all votes and donations and the winner will be announced Sunday, March 29, at noon (ET)

Disney March Maleness has always been about raising awareness and funds for worthy causes. Tim and Drunkie have been incredible in supporting this contest and talking about their respective organizations. I have pledged to donate $100 to the winner’s cause, and I hope with your support we can raise significantly more for BOTH guys’ causes.

Some notes on voting:

  • Please @ mention the organization that you are pledging to donate to. Their twitter handles are above. I would like for them to see that this is happening!
  • Please @ mention the guy who you are casting your vote for.
  • Please use #DisneyMarchMaleness in your tweet casting your vote and/or pledging your donation

So here’s what your vote might look like:

“I’m pledging $__ to @mssociety for @DrunkAtDisney! #DisneyMarchMaleness”

It’s that simple!

But two last things:
Please follow through with your pledge. If you say you will donate $XX to Give Kids the World or the National MS Society, Tim, Drunkie, and I take you at your word that you will do so. To not would be a violation of the spirit of the tournament. I also ask that you do not pledge any donation under the condition that your guy wins. That is to say, please don’t pledge to give to the National MS Society ONLY if Drunk At Disney wins. Give out of the goodness of your heart, regardless of the outcome.

That’s it. This is nearly the end of Disney March Maleness. Good luck to Tim and Drunkie. I hope we can end this tournament on a bang and make all the contestants proud to have been part of this great game!

I sincerely thank everybody who has voted, and deeply appreciate all the guys who competed in the tournament.


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