Disney March Maleness Preview: Lost Boys Round 1

Disney March Maleness voting in the Lost Boys section of the bracket begins this Saturday, 3/21. Below is a preview of the studs that need your votes! To vote in these matches, just tweet your choice using the hashtag #DisneyMarchMagic anytime on Saturday. Be sure to @ mention the guy you’re voting for so he feels the Twitter love! The man with the most votes in each match moves on to the next round. Only one vote per prince per battle though!

Brandon Glover vs. Jordan Ghastly

Brandon Glover vs. Jordan Duncan

Why You Should Vote for Brandon: The smoky smile that fills my daydreams belongs to the one and only Brandon Glover. He’s cool as a cucumber even in the sweltering Florida heat. It makes you wonder what makes him burn, and the not knowing is the sexiest part about him. He’s a small business owner so you know he works long and hard to achieve his goals, whatever they might be. And ladies, I’m pretty sure he’s single. Sadly for my people, this sexy smoke monster is straight. Brandon is my personal Disney Twitter Crush Wrap Supreme. Check him out and he’s likely to be yours too!

Why You Should Vote for Jordan: Jordan is really into the paranormal, so he knows a few things about how to keep those haunts happy. He was an extra on The Walking Dead, so it’s pretty much a given that you can have a 3-way with Jordan and Andrew Lincoln. This scruffy stud puts the Hot in Hotlanta (nobody says that anymore) but with your help, you can make it HOTTERlanter. And if you’re into that sexxxy librarian look, check out those glasses!


Triggenel vs. Gregory Lane Nichols

Why You Should Vote for Trygve: He’s like a Scandinavian sex god, but in central Florida. He’s got perfect Zach Morris hair and can always be found where fun things are happening. Really, Trig’s like a butcher version of Tilda Swinton. He’s a big Universal fan, so you know his standards are pretty low. That makes him an accessible dreamboat on the Sexy Seven Seas Lagoon of Lust.

Why You Should Vote for Lane: I’ve never met him, so I’m basing this on pure looks: Lane is super cute. Since I don’t know him, I’m going to paint a picture for you… It’s late at night and you’re lost in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You’re walking through the Maharajah Jungle Trek. There’s not another human in sight. It’s just you and the tigers. You’re scared that they will somehow get out of their pen and rip you to shreds. Suddenly you hear the sound of footsteps. You look up and there is a man with bright blue eyes and a scruffy beard. He says, “Baby, I’m here to rescue you.” An hour later you’re back at his hotel room—getting wild.

 Andrew Tighe B

Andrew Tighe vs. Dan

Why You Should Vote for Andrew: He looks like a young Ryan Gosling and he can sing. Do I need to say more? Also, maybe you’re a bit older and fancy yourself a bit of a Mrs. Robinson? How perfect, since Mr. Tighe is still in college. Get him while he’s young and unknown, ladies. But whether you’re young or old, Andrew is going to inspire dreams of canoodling, cuddling, and hitting the high C.

Why you should vote for Dan: Do you like your men big? No, I don’t mean heavy. Big. Tall, broad shouldered, with big hands. That’s Dan. He’s kind of a classic hunk. He’s got dashing good looks and he’s an all around nice guy. He works in Trenton and he STILL smiles. That’s what a positive outlook on life can do. Another in a series of tragically taken men, Dan is never far from his paramour, Justine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream…

Drunk At Disney VS. Jim Hill

Drunk At Disney vs. Jim Hill

Why You Should Vote for Drunkie: His skin isn’t the only thing that’s golden. Drunkie’s got a heart of gold and a Tervis Tumbler full of golden ale. But will he get the golden crown befitting the Prince Charming of the Disney Twitter community? I don’t know, but I can tell you this: when I found out that he was straight, I cried turkey leg tears of pain for hours. Then I found out he was engaged (he’s a newlywed now!) and I cried some more. There would be no drunken experimentation. No Rolling Rock rendezvous. No brewery bro jobs. Only a stud like Drunk At Disney could break my heart like that. He’s a class act, one of a kind, and we’re all inebriated with desire for our beloved Drunkie.

Why You Should Vote for Jim: I heard a rumor that Jim is a viking in the sack. But then again, one hears so many rumors these days.


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